Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two or Three Things I Know About Her

Excitement in the air on this movie! Along with love of course. This movie featured Juliette Janson (Marina Vlady) who was a housewife by day but a prostitute by night part-time. But this is merely an excuse for an extended examination of existing Parisian life. Although she did this only once a month to pay the bills in the house she did this without her husband Robert Janson (Roger Montsoret) knowing about it. You have to be pretty slick to pull this one over on anyone, not to mention play the innocent role at home then play the part to get the money at night. Then to have had sex with different men for money only to come home and lay in bed with her husband is crazy to me because she can do this and act normal as if she is the perfect housewife. The craziest part to me was the scene when the camera seemed to be stuck on the coffee cup as the cream swirled in circles as the music played in the background. I liked this movie because it had love, originality, and a woman who played two different people with two different lives of which one she didn’t want to live. This movie in my opinion is one of Godard’s finest films.

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