Thursday, October 9, 2008

Le Bonheur

In this film, Francios wanted his cake and eat it too. The emotions illustrated in this film seem so real, so real that it almost seem as though the characters were over-acting. Francios would look into her eyes just like any woman would want their husband to look at them, but I’m sure all women wouldn’t want to be in her situation either.
My favorite part was when the mother pops out her breast and around all then men and other women and children, and started breast feeding her baby. To me thats not something you see every day and the average woman wouldn’t so comfortable to do that. And in the next scene I thought the little girl was going to try breast feed the baby after she saw that. The way the little girl was staring at the baby made it seem like she was. Children are known for imitating things that they see, because they don’t know any better just yet.
I also thought the scene with the tree was kind of weird. I didn’t get the whole concept of the camera man filming from behind a tree and moving from one side of the tree to the other. Almost separating one scene into two scenes. The camera man moved the camera back and forth numerous times showing them dancing. I kind of felt that point of that was saying that they were from different places and trying to illustrate some type of separation between the two sides of the tree.
I also thought it was ironic how he takes off her clothes in a specific scene and, her dress and under-slip, and he stays completely dressed the whole time while they are outside in the grass, made me feel that things were not equal at all in their relationship. On top of that, this film had a thing about nature. It seems as if they were so closed in inside that small home of theirs, that the outside was where they got the most space and felt more comfortable. They also did everything outside as if they were indoors, such as sleeping, eating, and having sex.
And at the end of the film, the kids were dressed in red and the parents were in green matching with the trees of the outdoors, while standing on the inside and the kids standing on the outside. I felt that this had some significance to the film, the title does mean happiness.