Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jules and Jim

This film is about love and friendship. I love movies like this. Jules (Oskar Werner) and Jim (Henri Serre) were born to be friends, and as young men in Paris they lead lives of attraction and free will. After giving up on professionals, Jules feels that he has found his dream girl in Therese (Marie Dubois).” But the two discover they are both in love with her, but Jules gets a jump on it and takes her to Austria to be married, and then the war separates them. As members of enemy armies, their fear is that one might shoot the other. After the war, Jim visits Jules and Catherine in their cottage on the Reine. They have a daughter, Sabine, but their marriage is unhappy. When Jules discovers she is not, after all, his perfect mate he explains to Jim why she is not the perfect one. Jules confesses that Catherine has run away and had affairs, but he stays with her because he loves her and understands her nature. In my opinion it takes a strong man to stay with a woman when he knows she has been with other men sexually.
I especially liked this film because its storybook of two good friends that fall in love with the same girl. Most of the time this ends good friendships because it is difficult to continue the friendship and come around when your best friend is married to the one you’re in love with. Thou friendships do continue it at some point and time never the same between two friends. Truffaut is unique for this one because putting two friends together who are very close then fall in love with the same girl doesn’t always have a happy ending in the friendship. Then he puts a twist in it when she goes outside the marriage because she is lonely because Jules is away. Even more so that Jules understands why she did it and didn’t leave her. Wow!

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