Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Masculin Feminin

The film progresses through 15 chapters, watching as Madeleine (Chantal Goya) rises in her singing career, as Paul (Jean-Pierre Leaud) earns a living interviewing teen idols, and as they eventually become roommates along with Madeleine's two female friends. Paul tries to impart his taste for babying and socialism on the girls, but they either ignore him or laugh at him. To me Godard isn't even interested in anything like passion or sex as much as listening to his characters talk. In other words, it was about a young man named Paul who has a ill-defined relationship with a singer Madeline who works on a cigarette trick, engages in politically oriented graffiti, wrestles with only moderate energy with his own political views and watches two strangers get killed. Friends and acquaintances of the pair come and go in and out of the film to no spectacular outcome.
I personally did not care too much for this film. Scenes seem to drag on and lead nowhere. Drastic events happen but really have no demeanor on the rest of the film and to me its like who really cares? The sound of gunfire and titles break the film into chapters for no justifiable reason. It appears to me that Godard’s characters seemed confused as much as he seems as he wrote this film. However, this film has complete original texture of which cannot be faked. Once again we are dazzled by Godard’s mind of creativity and that alone makes him stand out as we have viewed his other films.

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