Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Les Carabiniers

Les Carabiniers was one of my least films directed by Jean-Luc Godard. I am really not a big fan of war story based films, and Les Carabiniers was about two peasants who were recruited to serve in the army. In the meantime, they were both promised to live a lawless life, and promised wealth. They both felt that they could take over and claim whatever no one else claimed and even some of what was already claimed, taking advantage of their opportunity to serve their king. Both protagonists had girlfriends/wives, who were also in it to get rich.
The story was not as interesting to me, as his other films. This film was more straightforward, more of a parody. The intentions of the film are to suck all the interesting things about war, and all the fun things, and make war look like it was dull and uninteresting, and so much more painful than it really is, when actually war is full of interesting things.
In my eyes this film was an unsuccessful film. There was one disturbing scene after another, because of the overwhelming violent parts. This film only shows everyone using others for their own advantage, and good men being taken advantage of by their leaders. In Godard films, he shows that he can tell when he carries on a joke too long and it is no longer funny and how long to carry on with a joke.

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